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The power of storytelling – How to make kids love books



One of the most beautiful and incredible things on the planet we all live on are stories, they bring you places, introduce you to new worlds and teach you more than life ever could. This you will find in those ones written for children, than for adults, older people are generally interested in romance and real things, so there is not much place open to imagination. When counting on all the market research done today and using it as a security to sell the story, then you might imagine how much less good ones are written. But still, many and even escorts, find it nice to read a children’s book, enjoy a nice storytelling and listen to audio ones, just for the reason it brings them back to a much quieter and loving time.

Books are fun, not an obligation

A child won’t get used to reading books you give them, and tell they should do so, because they want a certain freedom in choice. So just bring them to a library or a store and let them choose what they like, read the intro together and manage to find something, both appropriate and interesting. Harry Potter and the world of magic is often the choice of every young reader, just for the reason of its simplicity and the amount of themes involved. A London escort from http://www.eros.com/, however, will also choose those books for an easy night read, so it can calm them down, take them to a new world full of kindness and opportunities this one does not allow us. If you are wondering where you can find such an amazing lady, then visit EROS where you can chat with them and even arrange a meeting. Escorts will like it to help you with anything and bring more joy to your everyday life than you could imagine.

Teach your kids how to enjoy a book

Let your kids know that it is not important how fast or how many stories they have read, but more how deep they understand it and how much sticks with them after they close it and leave it on a shelf. If you yourself don’t understand this, then let escorts explain it to you, they are quite good storytellers themselves and love children, so it won’t be a problem for them at all. At the end you both can figure out a way to go somewhere together, so she can show you something meant for the adult people, but what is as fun as reading a good book. Ask the beautiful London escort lady if she likes winter or summer, and then plan something that will be a wonderful surprise, but make it luxurious, because that is the kind of travel she enjoys the most.

If you give a book to a child it can say it has one, but if you read it to him or her, then it could change their lives forever. A well told story can make someone strongly believe that friendship, love or kindness conquers all bad and that is important for children to learn. Even escorts can be taken by a story and change their opinions or beliefs just because it sounds and is way better the way they have read it, than the way they imagined it. Just take a book, start reading it to your daughter or son as a bedtime story and see how it will go, don’t pressure them to listen to it, nor to start reading it themselves. If it is fine for them, you and your London escort you found on http://uk.eros.com/england/london/¬†will find them reading it even many hours after they went sleeping.